Dreading summer time weather unfortunately and more than ready to take on the cold.

A few trends to be looking out for in the transition into Fall…


  • Desert orange, terracotta, deep brown & burgundy. Chocolate Spritzer from The Lip Bar is definitely one I would turn to
  • Double winged eyeliner?
  • Natural brows – not heavily powdered in
  • Everything Guerlain!
  • hydration… hydration… water… moisturizer.. oils….. no dryness


  • loose fitting trenchcoats
  • chelsea boots
  • as many beanies as your mind can handle
  • lots of graphic tees


  • do whatever the hell you want
  • but please drink water
  • lots of it
  • keep your skin and hair strong
  • by drinking lots of water

I challenge anyone who reads this post to delete social media apps from their phones for one 24 hour day.